This video game was presented to the last Amstrad CPCRetrodev 2020 contest, in which it obtained 86 points in the ceremony, reaching 25th place, out of a total of 51 games presented. The CPCRetrodev is the retro video game creation contest for Amstrad, produced by the University of Alicante.


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MemTrainer version 1.04 (Oct. 18 2021).

Change Log:

-Bug fixes (Joystick, music, tabs, loading screen).

-Reorganization of the menu.

-Animation of candlesticks in the Demo.


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Memorization, Puzzle



Publication date

November, 2020


Enrique Buzón


Amstrad CPC

The objective of the game is to correctly repeat the sequence of light/sound signals, growing and getting longer, that Memtrainer shows the player.

When starting a game Memtrainer starts playing with the first signal lighting one of the four buttons and signaling that it is his turn «CPC» on the display. It then gives the turn to the «YOU» player who must repeat it.

On each turn the computer displays the entire sequence from the beginning and will increment it by adding one more signal.

In our turn we must insert all the complete sequence existing up to now and in the same order.   

Game Features

A classic from the ’80s now also available in 8 bits, only for your Amstrad CPC. Train your memory by challenging yourself or in multiplayer tournament mode, competing for the best position, and entering your name on the scoreboard.


Allows keyboard redefinition or playing by default with the cursor keys.


It allows you to play with Joystick, which is why Memtrainer appears rotated to match its buttons with the movements of the Joystick.

Score Panel

To improve yourself or challenge other players, organize tournaments, to be able to make and upload screenshots.


Made mainly with Locomotive BASIC 1.0 language ​​(90%), Z80 assembler and CPCTelera framework (10%).


Four game levels, where to win the player must hit an increasingly long sequence of 8, 14, 20 and 31 clicks respectively.


A video game of only 64KB for the Amstrad CPC 464, 472, 664, 6128 range, on tape or disk.



« If you had a good time with Simon as a child, this is your game.

On a graphic level, it is successful, being an almost exact replica and adding a landscape that ensures that everything is not as empty as it would have been on a black background.

The music that accompanies the menu is quite good, and during the game we have some sound effects that emulate the original game.

It would have been very interesting if it had a mode with two or more players, in which the turn was passed from one to the other, until one of them failed.

The detail of the table of maximum scores is also good and helps to produce healthy intra-family piques.«


«It’s very, very, very the best implementation of Simon I’ve seen on a computer. Great project. Great work.»

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